Damage-dealing movesEdit

Name Category Contest Damage AC Freq. Range Contests Effect
Attack Order Attack Smart 3d20 2 EOT Ranged 2d4; Incentives 1 Target; Attack Order is a Critical Hit on 18-20 during Accuracy Check.
Bug Bite Attack Tough 3d10 2 EOT Melee Attention Grabber 1 Target; If the target has a consumable Held Item, Bug Bite destroys the Item and Bug Bite’s user uses the Item’s effect.
Bug Buzz Special Attack Cute 3d20 2 Battle 3-Meter Burst 2d4; Incentives No Target, Burst;
Fury Cutter Attack Cool 1d4 3 At-Will Melee 2d4; Reliable 1 Target; If Fury Cutter is used successfully and consecutively on the same target, use 1d8 on the second hit, 2d10 on the third, 5d10 on the fourth and 7d20 on the fifth hit and any successful hits following it.
Leech Life Attack Smart 1d8 2 EOT Melee 1d4; Good Show! 1 Target; After the target takes damage, the user gains HP equal to half the damage they dealt to the target.
Megahorn Attack Cool 5d20 5 Battle Melee 2d4; Round Ender 1 Target, Push; The target is Pushed 3-meters and takes an additional 1d20 if Pushed into Blocking Terrain. If the pushed into another Legal Target, instead, both take 1d10.
Pin Missile Attack Cool 1d8 5 EOT Ranged 2d4; Reliable 1 Target, Scatter; Pin Missile can hit up to 5 times. Once the user misses, they cannot attempt to make another Pin Missile attack on that turn. When adding stats, only add ½ Attack.
Signal Beam Special Attack Beauty 5d10 2 EOT 6-Meter Beam Incentives 1 Target, Beam; Signal Beam confuses the target and any Legal Targets on 19-20 during Accuracy Check.
Silver Wind Special Attack Beauty 1d8 2 Battle Ranged 2d4; Incentives 1 Target, Column, Spirit Surge; If 11-20 is rolled on the Accuracy Check for Silver Wind, the user has each of its stats raised 1 Combat Stage. If 16-20 is rolled, all allies in the Column also have each of their stats raised 1, and are not damaged by Silver Wind.
Steam Roller Attack ??? 3d10 2 EOT Melee 1 Target; Steamroller Flinches the target on 15-20 during Accuracy Check.
Struggle Bug Special Attack ??? 1d10 2 EOT 10˚ 3-Meter Spray 1 Target, Spray; Struggle Bug lowers the target’s Special Attack 1 Combat Stage on 14-20 during Accuracy Check.
Twineedle Attack Cool 1d12 2 EOT Melee 2d4; Reliable 1 Target, Scatter; Twineedle can hit up to 2 times. If it misses its first target, you may still use it a second time. If you rolled a 17-20 on either Accuracy Check, the target is poisoned.
U-Turn Attack Cute 2d20 2 Battle Melee Inversed Appeal 1 Target, Rush; If U-Turn successfully hits its target, the user deals its damage and then switches out in the same turn.
X-Scissor Attack Beauty 5d10 2 EOT Melee 2d4; Round Starter 1 Target, Dash

Non-damaging movesEdit

Name Category Contest Damage AC Freq. Range Contests Effect
Defend Order Status Smart EOT Self Get Ready! No Target; Raise the user’s Defense 1 Combat Stage and raise the user’s Special Defense 1 Combat Stage.
Heal Order Status Smart Center Self Reflective Appeal No Target; The user regains HP equal to half of its full HP.
Quiver Dance Status ??? EOT Self No Target; Raise the user’s Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed 1 Combat Stage each.
Rage Powder Status ??? 3 EOT 10˚ 3-Meter Spray No Target, Spray, Interrupt; All legal targets may only target the user when using a Move until the user is knocked out or switched out. This Effect lasts for one turn.
Spiderweb Status Smart Center Ranged 2d4; Hold That Thought 1 Target, Trap; Spider Web never misses its target.
String Shot Status Smart 3 At-Will 45˚ 3-Meter Spray 2d4; Excitement No Target, Trap, Spray;All Legal Targets within the Spray lower their Speed 1 Combat Stage. If a target is hit by String Shot for 5 consecutive turns, they are Trapped.
Tail Glow Status Beauty EOT Self Get Ready! No Target; Raise the user’s Special Attack 3 Combat Stages.

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