Damage-dealing movesEdit

Name Category Contest Damage AC Freq. Range Contests Effect
Draco Meteor Special Attack Smart 6d20 4 Center 4-meter Blast 2d4; Incentives Target Area; On miss deal use 1d20 damage. Special Attack lowered 2 Combat Stages.
Dragon Claw Attack Tough 5d10 2 EOT Melee Attention Grabber 1 Target
Dragon Pulse Special Attack Cute 3d20 2 EOT 3-Meter Burst 2d4; Incentives No Target, Burst;
Dragon rage Attack Cool 30HP 2 Battle Ranged 2d4; Reliable 1 Target
Dragon Rush Attack Smart 4d20 4 Battle Melee 1d4; Good Show! 1 Target, Dash, Push; The target is pushed 3-Meters and takes an additional 1d20 if pushed into Blocking Terrain. If pushed into another Legal Target both take 1d0. Dragon Rush flinches on 17-20.
Dragonbreath Special Attack Cool 3d10 2 Battle 45° 3-Meter Spray 2d4; Round Ender 1 Target, Paralyzes all legal targets on 17-20.
Outrage Attack Cool 5d20 2 Battle Melee 2d4; Reliable 1 Target, the user must outrage for an additional 1d2 turns, and must target the next closest legal target. After Outrage ends the user becomes confused.
Roar of Time Special Attack Beauty 7d10 3 Center Burst Incentives No Target, Trap, Exhaust; All legal targets are trapped until they roll an 18-20 on aisngle -attempt saving throw at the beginning of their turn
Spacial Rend Special Attack Beauty 4d20 3 Center Ranged 2d4; Incentives 1 Target, Spacial Rend is a Critical Hit on 11-20.
Twister Special Attack ??? 2d10 2 EOT Ranged 1 Target;Flinches the target on 15-20 during Accuracy Check.

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