Templates and their usesEdit


Template Use Code Result
{{$}} For showing Pokedollar symbol {{$}}
{{feature}} For showing a feature entry. Allows for up to 10 lines. {{feature|Name|Line 1|Line 2}} ====Name====
Line 1
Line 2
{{t}} Links to articles about types as the type name {{t|Dragon}} Dragon
{{t|Dragon|weak to itself}} weak to itself
{{2t}} Links to two types as "type 1"/"type 2" {{2t|Dragon|Flying}} Dragon/Flying
{{a}} Links to articles about abilities {{a|Sand Stream}} Sand Stream
{{a|Sand Stream|activates a sandstorm}} activates a sandstorm
{{m}} Links to articles about moves {{m|Move}} Move
{{m|Move|Description}} Description
{{b}} For linking to a Bulbapedia article {{b|Pikachu}} Pikachu
{{b|Pikachu|Bulbapedia Pikachu}} Bulbapedia Pikachu
{{PTTAf}} For linking to a PTTA forum thread {{PTTAf|8755041|Mystic Advanced Class: Copycat}} Mystic Advanced Class: Copycat
{{template}} Allows for example-linking to templates {{template|$}} {{$}}

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